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The dynamics of life

Often, we believe that life is something complex, surprising, wonderful, without equal, etc., and of course it seems so, but there are guidelines that are repeated and produce reality. This means that perhaps everything is much simpler than we think, because there is no complex structure that is not constituted by one or other simpler, and everything happens because there is a balance in the whole system that produces its continuity, It provides specific characteristics that validate it in its context, since this is itself limiting.

Is it possible for human beings to introduce a variant in thinking that makes everything comparable to the human, as if it were the greatest exponent, and the rest is just that to which he compares?

This attitude has always been an intellectual remnant, preventing having a more true vision of reality, by putting the cultural context and ambitions of those who expose the situation, decanting their thesis or antithesis towards their own personal goals, involving strictly particular criteria.

Whoever you are, we human beings know that the end will come, and only your physical decomposition and the knowledge that you would have managed to transmit will remain, which will also be broken down, because it will serve those who use it at will, interpretation and criteria for their own survival, Thus, life uses us for its own benefit, which is the only thing that will remain after our final departure.

This equals us to anything created, from the inert to what we consider life, the same basic mechanisms happening but transferred to the realities of each concretion.

Thus, nothing remains forever, but it has possibilities of transformation, everything is limited to the geographical reality in which it is located, through which its movements occur, and it uses its own capacities to thrive in all this, always trying to be within its limits of survival, otherwise it ceases to be who it is, but its tendency is to transform itself into something else, against what will act inexorably.

As you can see, in anything created in our known universe, the basic element of movement is change, which will occur in increase or decrease, within its limits of reality, so that its entity is not compromised.


Life is worth its beings.

Life gives them their own abilities, which they are for, and have repercussions with the rest, which are involved in the same universe and are all positioned in this context, and this is so as long as they are.

The beings are, but never the same, because the repercussions to which they are subjected will always produce change, and this marks the contextual differences that tend to keep them going, as long as they remain with similar capacities that make it continue to be.

But they may not continue, when a radical change results from the repercussion, generating a state in which those characteristics that made it be do not occur.

So from the inanimate to the hyperactive, everything is in itself life, and in that, each individuality is life, because they differ only in intrinsic characteristics, but not in the basis that brought them to reality.

On this basis, each individuality; It has its own abilities to use its physical world for a time until its disappearance, since each individual has powers that are manifested in a location and during a temporality.

This temporality is marked only by a beginning and an end, since everything is or is not, understanding that in each created thing there is a certain capacity of repercussion with the universe in which it is, which is tolerable, in which it is not extinguish your entity.

In this environment of duality everything will be governed, since everything is like this and is directed not to be so, due to these repercussions of everything with everything and of oneself with everything, so that trinomial [(capacities, location and time) = being like this] will be somewhat superior to non-existence, which is the state tending to which they are inexorably directed.

Each individuality will always be an ("a" that tends to "b"), from which "a" is never the result of the trinomial that I identify with "being like this", since it is never exactly the same, by constantly tending to b, and "b" is "not to be like that."

In all known reality, this happens, and can only be a consequence of what originated it, from where the circumstances that led to that "BEING SO" met.

This origin would contain the elements that conformed it, and that after reverberating, would generate a scenario with new consequences, that is, combinations with the property "a tends to b".

Since then, any scenario, will contain essentially the same as in its original moment, only with other concretions, so even if specific concretions of the current combination state appear, they will contain not only the same elements, but some of them will be combinations that before they were not produced, but all with the same essence as their origin, without losing the characteristic that they do not lose that tendency, which would allow that of each “concretion” a start can also occur, so they inevitably inherit this characteristic.

So there must always be a heartbeat that encourages "a" because otherwise, "a" reaches "b", but "a" will inevitably become "b", so for some reason it happens that "a ”Does not want to reach“ b ”, and will act to avoid it.

That reaching “b” is the goal of all our reality, but it acts as the beginning of the coming reality, of which life is worth to always be the beginning, and so it will always be in the constant “being like this” of the elements essentials of life, whose combinations produce the concretions that make up reality, because when combined they cease to be to form reality.

That is to say, not to be is the coming reality and the tendency to be is to be another reality, and for that reason it has this property that will be inexorably transmitted to all the reality that arises.

Each concretion will be nothing more than a possible combination of the elements of that universe that, depending on the circumstances, may occur, and in this, it will last as long as it is able to maintain its “being like this”, that is, while the repercussions to which it is subjected do not extinguish it, which is to move from being to not being,

The heartbeat that keeps the trinomial away from "b" is also a property inherited from its beginning, since the "desire to be" is as strong as that of "its tendency,"

This is the case in everything, just because they appear in a context they have inherited the properties of their origin, whose essence is to be in a concrete way, to be in a dimension and to exist temporarily, until their radical change accrues, disintegrating into the subsequent consequences that derive from it.

Naturally, the sum of the consequences that originate from it will always be the beginning, with which there will never be anything new contributed to what there was, at least in this context and seen within this individuality.

We know several causes of radical change; implosion, explosion and disappearance, in any case, there is always the disintegration, more or less gradual, of the individual.

These causes of radical change will always generate a variety of disintegrations of the elements that intervened, but they will never be more elements than the original ones, so in each case, there is never contribution but a possible combinatorial disintegration, which only obey the compatibilities between elements according to their intrinsic characteristics in the context in which they appear.

In each case, the existing repercussions are; within oneself, among several intervening elements or by exhaustion of oneself, at the end of their "time."

Finally, there are still two issues to be seen; on the one hand the real reason why each one exists in the context in which it appears as a possible combinatorial consequence, and on the other hand, why it strives to “be like this” when all its essence directs it to “not being like this” .

That "momentum" that is in everything, is not only reinforced by its intrinsic characteristics, but these are given by its combination that make it be, and can not be others, so you have to enter the obviousness itself, which will become of that which is in itself the original beginning.

The primal ideal beginning, must have been admirable in itself, for being the one from whom everything had to come out, which placed in its own implosion, since being primal, there was nothing more than him, within his own universe in whoever will be found

In him everything that we know of him was already given, in harmony and balance, but he would be immersed in certain circumstances that would make him be, with which he would be subjected to a certain strength either in its dimension, either in its durability or its durability. capacities, so that with considerable instability in any of them, it would inevitably lead to its implosion, from which would be generated after which its intrinsic reality would be distributed, originating the concrete realities that arose.

This event would generate a space of exclusion that would protect and distinguish it from the universe to which it belongs, so that all that reality that emanated from it would be impelled by the dynamics involved.

So having abilities, occupying a dimension or lasting, is not only a trinomial, but each one of them is in itself a strength with itself, in whose constant balance its personal, local and temporal permanence is given.

Since then, that strength is the basis of everything, because there will always be in this reality an "to which tends ab", for having inherited it from this origin and having been transmitted to any consequence of itself.

So; "What tends to ab" is the essence of reality, and not "being", "place" and "or time", since they themselves are subject to this characteristic from which they cannot be separated as inevitable, which makes sense because they are concretions of the beginning.

This inevitability occurs at the expense of a heartbeat, that is, presence and absence, because thanks to the fact that it ceases to occur, it is produced again, and therefore there is reality.

I ideally reduce this concept, in a single original entity (I will call it that for agreeing something) in which that pulse is all its reality, and therefore, it is all reality, so it is all the time, all the space And the whole being.

In the very instability of each of its two possible states, 1 and 0, or being and not being, or being and not being, oayb, no matter how we name it, the other is generated in the constancy of its reality, but as it is affected by itself and its surroundings, its own intrinsic variations, within a margin of "operation", generates its continuity, but if there were only one deviation outside it, this would generate its destabilization that would tend to compensate from the other state, which would only add intensity to the imbalance, which if it is not able to compensate, would eventually become its change, perhaps first by implosion, and by absorbing itself, it would generate an explosion, due to the unthinkable implied dynamics, which would disperse its essence into possible concretions, creating reality, or perhaps, upon becoming its end, they disintegrate generating reality.

That said, I can only conclude that it is likely that we are only a reality, perhaps fractal, because the same basic trends and premises are repeated in every aspect of reality, so what we are able to understand, is seen from my look, compared to what generated me, and at the same time nothing would surprise me, that that was a great thing in its context, then, of the dynamics that leaves us imprinted in our universe, I understand that this must be so.

Life seems to be the dynamic by which any concretion appears and has a tendency not to be, it is conformed by other concretions and these are subject to this same tendency, however, each concretion is an objective resulting that acquires mechanisms that temporarily avoid its inevitable disintegration, after which, the dynamics between its intrinsic elements and the environment will be activated again, which will contribute to the creation of other concretions.

This is how I see that life uses its beings to be itself, in continuous dynamics that is transmitted, as the Toy Story character said "Until infinity and beyond", so life never ceases to be, Regardless of its consequences.

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